Year of the Boomslang

by Device Grips

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released August 16, 2013

TYLER JON: {Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar, Beatbox}
KYLE NICHOLS: {Drums/Percussion}
Produced by: Keefe M. Rayfield, Scott Stanley & Tyler Jon
Engineered & Mixed by: Scott Stanley, Keefe M. Rayfield
Recorded @ AudioCinema LLC, Portland, OR // 2013
Mastered by: Justin Phelps @ Cloud City Sound
Album Layout & Cover Photo: Tyler Jon
Band Photo: Ian McCormick
////Addtional Instrumentation\\\\
Jesse Butler: {Electric Fiddle on track 8)
Keefe M. Rayfield: {Organ, Baritone, Trumpet on tracks 1,2,3,4,6,7 & 9, Toy piano on track 4, BG vocals on tracks
7 & 9, Synth on track 9, programming on track 2}
Scott Stanley: {BG Vocals on track 1, programming tracks 7, 9}
Tyler Jon: (ALL instrumentation/vox/percussion on track 5}
Percussion on track 10 performed by Kyle, Tyler & Briton.



all rights reserved


Device Grips Portland, Oregon

Flashy horns, vintage beats, crunchy funk guitar, power hungry bass lines, Vocals like titans, anthems of the demi-gods.
Forged from cast iron, sent to earth on meteorite: Device Grips is a creature birthed by Aphrodite and Mars {son of Zeus}

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Track Name: Coke Infusion
Out in the coldest rain, and I'm in the hottest sweat. with nothing left to gain, and I'm not even finished yet, I'm on a higher plain not a private jet, see through the clouds, only sun reflects. It's a cold day in hell when I be giving up, give it up, I live it up enough for the both of us, stay real as fuck, but your stuck when life in the past seems real enough to touch then eyes will stay a dirty shade of green and it is such things that make you think that shit sucks, good luck wrists face up, blade face down, feel the cut- don't clown- because death is harder than your life now, and that is coming from a martyr with a knife in his hand -wow- truth comes in doses for one in every dozen roses. I suppose its the road that we've traveled that leave us so hope less-- I wrote this-for the wilted roses caught in the snowfall with their pedals frozen and wounds still open, I can't call what the future breeds, suture bleeds, stitches rip, the hungry plead while the rich man eats, I'm smoking leaves to let go of my aggression because I had so much faith in this world but it was based on unanswered questions: How far have we come? How far will we go? is there no one to follow? and should I just let go?
Track Name: Dollar Swing
uh oh, there go my funds again, I'm all broke and blowing in the wind, but so is my friends. uh oh, there go my feet again, I hope they don't catch me when I'm tripping, I know I've been slipping.
uh oh, Their playing repeat again on how you defeat a man, define him by what he does but not what he can. When he wanna speak so loud but the words they fall on deaf ears and thin crowds, so he'll stay federally reserved following the paper trail until now. sink or swim. pass or fail. we're all in debt, we'll never collect enough of these dirty bills to compensate for all of the bounced checks. The fear in our eyes only reflects the constellations in the skies that have yet to connect. Inspect the system and expect nothing, then rip some bills up and realize our politics are just a front. they only consist of the power we give it, most of us only exist, we have a life and we never live it. and I seem to insist that my persistence will pay off, then dedicate my life to another system and then get laid off, I can see clearly now, I'm taking my shades off. Fuck this shit, I hate my job, I'm taking the day off- because This now is that now, and that now, there ain't a dollar you missed out, because this now is that now, and that now, there ain't a dollar in this town.
uh oh, there goes my funds, and my bankroll. There I go- tripping on my feet again, same track in the stereo playing on repeat again. The bad taste in your mouth when you get ripped off, trying to pop the cap until you realize that it's a twist off. Don't burn up all the gas, until your ready for lift off. Wars seem financially convenient, enemies tipped off. Yes, your drink was sipped off long before it got to you. All aboard the slave train, yes, there is a spot for you. Take a couple of shots, make a stop and eat some rotten food, pop a couple of these, smoke some leaves to affect your mood. Protect the Truth, because hard work don't pay off, gotta move past the stop signs, wasting time at day jobs. I can see clearly now, I've learn to stay lost on a track towards what I'm passionate about, not just what pays off.....
Track Name: Hot Mess
How many times have i told you? that I don't mess around, and I ain't nobodies fool. How many times do you get down with the blues? How many times that you just can't fit those shoes? I'll leave it all, on the dance floor with you, How many people tend to feel just like this too?
So now I ride on top of this, broken heart metropolis, there ain't no sense in stopping it, so I go where the wind takes me, that's where I gotta be, I'm betting on myself, but that's like trying to win the lottery, and I know- it's best to plant your seeds and let them grow, but instead I spend my time trying to dig bigger hole, I'd let it go, but I'd rather hold on past my breaking point. Minneap to PDX, who do you want to make it for? Get it right. and make it seem effortless, death is my cousin, but sleep is my nemesis, reap all of the benefits from dropping heavy words, after all instead of doing this, you could be getting curbed. Burred vision, but I'm guided by the stars, residing on the planet and breathing in the tar. Rip my chest open and all you see is scars, a broken heart on my sleeve, I should've known from the start.
Track Name: Love is Beautiful {extended version}
Love is beautiful
Life is short, and duty-full,
but we'll grow, and then we'll die.
we will eat, drink, and sleep
for some day we will fight for our life.
Run and play my friends, for you will work all through the night.
Sleep through the days. Love money over blood, what have I become?
Love is beautiful
but life, its much too long,
for me to see it through.
but I belong to the love
That I've shared with you,
yea well, I guess that's true
Run and play my friends, for you will work all through the night.
Sleep through the days. Love money over blood, what have I become?
Don't love money over blood.
Track Name: On a Mission
We're on a mission of great importance, no need to stop now, no need to fear.
Life is an ember that keeps burning, it's always glowing.
Time is the water that keeps moving, and not knowing.
I am a rock watching the river flow, til I break loose or loose touch.
Some how I'll let it all go, sometimes it's too much.
and if perspective shift, levees break. solid walls will crack and flake. leaving you on your own to take on all the bullshit, and push away the fake, or the negativity will leave you drowning in it's wake, it's your move to make.
We on a mission, yes we're wishing for a better life.
never gonna make it to the top, never gonna get it right- Don't lose sight
Weakness is doubt, it can run your life, and it just might if you give it strength. That's why I battle it every night. If your fears are bigger than your words, eat em up. learn to dream and love your life, gain your skills and learn to fight. this is the apocalyptic age, stereo frequencies
me before you, on the stairway to decency.
Track Name: Eggs & Pigfat
I'm the mellow coffee type, no wait, I don't drink that, only eggs & pigfat. I need a pen to write my thoughts down, ideas are shooting out my head, kinda looking like a crown. Stare at the ground covered with leaves, kinda like the day covers the night, cluttered thieves dweebs, and gutterpunks, music fiends and alley cats all looking for the hidden messages listening to dumbo rap. I'm wondering where the heart is at, lost in the system, we've lost the cardiac pressure. Yes, the new ill is good, but we need it fresher, create a land within our heads, so vivid and full of texture, then cook it up til its confection. sugar pop. stop radio, here we go with the heartthrobs in the radio mix. It sticks to your lungs and makes you fat, but it's where the kids are at: on the corner pulling tricks. Here's your shoes, only wear them if they fit, you can refuse to lose and make a living off of tips. There's always room for more on all of these sinking ships. most of us are fighting to live while a few us are biting our lips. In the days I've spent on my own, 2000 miles away from what I've called home. I don't need much, I barely sleep at all. I've pretty much lost touch but I still have my song. I've lost the hope, in the frosted weather, I've lost the tether keeping me attached to earth so I'll keep floating on forever, and I replaced my maybes with always and nevers, if you get too close, it will probably be severed in an effort to better my situation, circumstances and politics, Stay broke or broken even the rich man with his wallet thick, you can call him sick, but the disease is worldwide: dissatisfaction with our live--too much pride. what I want to say is that good makes great, and lies make fake. and what is a small ripple to you, to another, is an earthquake. and when life is so collective and you can't shake the shade, sometimes a shift in perspective is all it takes. In the days I've spent inside my mind looking for answers to question that I can't define. {yes} the path is narrow and the wind is strong, but with tracks on the ground this train keeps moving along.........
Track Name: Sleeper Trek
Live in the era of the bullet so just bite it, how much longer can we live our lives like this? just cause they are stronger, is there no reason to fight? and if every dollar is evil, is there no sense in righteous?
struck by the movement, like the eye of a needle, but there's no thread through it, the third eye can't see through the evil, I'm bred stupid, spoon-fed, eyes red, born to hit the pavement, bitter about the future, is there any way we can save it? What could you possibly build, that won't eventually cave in? What else could Poe have said to the raven? what is a maverick when compared to the maiden? when your faded, jaded and bitter about the present, it's a gift or a mess, depending on how you made it. congratulations, you have it. Now what would you trade it for? Time is granted, your mind is the plaintiff, now clear the floor, with no one to die for us, society is born, angels sing a song without a chorus just to mop the blood.
Stuck in the moment, focus on the current term. Put life under a microscope, no time to be concerned. Cause I could never settle for what I haven't earned. I'm always begging for second chances even if I get burned. It's hot in the melting pot, next to the stars at night. Look through the cards in my hand, wait til the moments right, then push through the top. Because there ain't no limit, grip life and hold it tight. Travel light. protect your visions. Flay by the seat of my pants on some McGyver shit, liable as most viable, I'm a top survivalist.
Color-coated dream puzzle, focus on the vivid lucid hustle,
Bitter alchemist sent back in time to join the struggle.